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5 reasons to create a mobile version of the site

5 reasons to create a mobile version of the site
24-05-2017 12:00
Nowadays the trend has occurred, according to which the site owners adapt their services to the mobile devices. But there are also those, who still doubt in deciding or reluctantly believe in the success of this venture. We selected 5 important reasons that prove, why it was necessary to do even yesterday!

1. Positively affects SEO

Since April 21, 2014, in its search results Google gives preferences to the sites, adapted for the mobile devices. On February 2, 2016 Yandex also announced this decision, noting that from now and on it is important to be mobile. Now, when ranking, the search takes into account the fact - is the page optimized for smartphones or not.

It is worth noting that, if the page is not adapted for the mobile devices, it does not mean that it will not appear in the SERP. The optimization for the smartphones is only one of the ranking factors. For example, if the site is in the TOP-10 from the desktop device, then in the mobile delivery it can go down if there is no mobile version of the site or go up higher if it exists.

"By depriving your site of the mobile devices optimization, you risk to get kicked of the TOP-10 search results."
It is only your decision, where your site should be

2. Increases the coverage of the target audience

The paragraph 1 implies that if your mobile version of the site is in the search results, then you will receive the new traffic represented by the smartphone users.

And another interesting statistics “think with Google

The number of the smartphone users increases every day, and it means that someone can search for your site right now. By taking a step towards your customers, you easily increase the coverage of the target audience.

3. The growth of customer loyalty

So, when the target audience will grow, you should take care of the mobile version convenience for your visitors. This will allow to increase the growth of customer loyalty. Your audience will definitely like the site, that can be scrolled with one hand, allows to quickly find all the information, has a convenient navigation, allows to call in one click or to navigate to you. More details about it can be read in the Yandex article - “The importance of being mobile”.

Useful statistics from “Google

The more convenient your site for the smartphone owners, the more likely they will return not only to your page, but also to your office, shop, cafe, etc. Take some time and think of each detail of the mobile version design and your customers will appreciate it.

4. Increases the number of conversions on the site

By increasing the coverage of the target audience and creating a convenient mobile version of the site, you are guaranteed to find out that the number of conversions from the smartphones has increased. Why is it so? The answer to this question is presented below.

Useful statistics from “Google

And now let's analyze how the buying process is going on in the modern world :

The process of buying was analyzed within the framework of Google Guru-Marathon

As you can see, the mobile device is more often used in the conversion chain. And this trend will only increase.

5. Fast download speed

This item applies not only to the mobile version of the site, but also to the desktop one. As you know, the download speed is one of the search engine ranking factors.

According to the research — The Gomez Peak Time Internet Usage Study

This factor also affects the user behavior, according to the statistics, presented by the American company Akamai:
  • 47% prefer sites that open faster than 2 seconds;
  • 40% will close the resource if it is loaded for more than 3 seconds;
  • 52% reported that the quick site loading affects their satisfaction;
  • 3 seconds of waiting time for the page to load, reduce user loyalty by 16%.

A bunch of math. If you consider that the optimal speed of page load is 2 seconds, and your main site is loaded in 5 seconds, the difference in 3 seconds is not so great at first glance. However if your site is visited by 5,000 people a day, then this figure turns into entire 4 hours! And this is half of the 8-hour working day. Just imagine how much your store or office would lose if it worked for 50% less time.

"40% will close the resource if it is loaded for more than 3 seconds"
The mobile version will help to avoid this issue, as its download speed will be maximally optimized and will allow to be online all 24 hours a day.


We analyzed 5 reasons why it is necessary to create a mobile version of the site and hope that we have allayed your doubts. And we will be glad, if after reading our article, the number of the mobile sites will be replenished by one more :)

You can create a mobile version of the site right now, using the uMobilizer service.