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Micro-moments when planning a trip

Micro-moments when planning a trip
26-05-2017 12:09
Google conducted an interesting research, about one of the most favorite activities of all people - travelling! What are the features of the modern travelers, what services can be used for the convenience of planning your holiday and what habits do you need to pay attention to? We will now share with you.

This article will be useful for businesses such as travelling, HoReCa and others, as well as for the digital agencies and web-studios, that "lead" representatives of these segments to better understanding of the target audience. But a little history to start with.

Evolution of travelling with Google

Evolution of travelling with Google

In 2011, Google paid its attention to the topic of "travelling". It all started with the experiment of a real-time hotel search called Hotel Finder. Any traveler could find the necessary information about the required hotel. Booking was not available - only a comparison of prices. In April of the same year the company launched a service for booking of the airplane tickets - Google Flights.

In 2012, with the launch of the Google Hotel Ads service, the advertisements of different hotels began to appear in the search results. Google Flights became available for the mobile devices.

In 2013, the Hotel Finder became a full desktop version and launched a mobile version. The following year, Google Trip started to work.

In 2014, Lufthansa reached an agreement with Google Flights, and both announced the launch of "Book on Google", which allowed passengers to book tickets for Lufthansa flights via Google Flights using the mobile phones or computers. Lufthansa has become the first airline that decided to use this direct sales channel.
A little later appeared the possibility to view the information about the booked rooms in hotels, a list of restaurants in them or the way to them via the service Google Now.

Google Now can provide you with all the information about your hotel area

The last important event of that year was the integration of the Hotel Finder and Hotel Ads services into Google's search results.

Finally, in 2016, the "Directions" feature was added to the search for the mobile devices. Due to it, during searching for the tourist destinations, you receive a number of information cards about the different cities, which are presented in the order of their popularity.

What is a micro-moment?

A modern traveler can not be imagined without a smartphone in hand. With only one gadget, you can book a plane ticket, while strolling along the streets of Barcelona, and in a few hours be on the other side of the world. During the whole trip and its preparation, the tourist would face many situations when it is necessary to quickly use the smartphone to search for information, purchase or other action. For this purposes, Google introduced the concept of "micro-moments."

Ok, Google, what is a micro-moment?

Micro-moment is the moment, when we instinctively resort to a smartphone in order to act accordingly to the needs that we have at that moment: to learn, to discover, to find or to buy something. Or in the other words it is the saturated moment, when the decisions are made and the preferences are formed.

Statistics of some micro-moments when planning a trip

Did you know that almost 60% of travelers say that travelling is their biggest purchase, and every third plans more than one trip at one time?

Micro-moments during travelling

4 types of micro-moments in a trip

There are 4 stages:
  • Dream;
  • Plan;
  • Book;
  • Experience.

At the stage of a dream, it is important for travelers to get the content that would help them to choose the place, and also to be inspired to go to the trip.

Provide the most relevant information to your customers

67% of travelers are more likely to book a travel brand that provides the relevant information about the destination, they are interested in. This means that the expectations should match the reality!

By adapting the site for the mobile devices, you will receive additional coverage at the expense of the smartphone users

By placing the useful and complete information for tourists, do not forget about the convenience of its displaying on the smartphones. 60% of search requests about the destinations are received from the mobile devices.

The video plays a big role in choosing and planning a trip

One option of the useful material for your users is the creation and use of the video content. 64% of people watch a video, related to travelling, when they think to plan it. Whereas, 3 out of 5 travelers, who watch videos online, use it to narrow the choice of brand, destination or activity. ⅔ of watching the travelling videos on YouTube are from the mobile devices. Do not forget about it, when posting the video on your site.

During the second planning stage, it is also important for companies to be loyal to the mobile audience, because about 70% of travelers have studied the journey via their smartphones.

It is important for companies to remain mobile at any stage of the trip.

When it comes to buying a tour, hotel room or airline tickets, the third stage begins - booking. In this case is worth noting an important feature, of how the travelers behave, depending on their travel goals. 31% of the ordinary tourists who go to a vacation, booked their trip using a smartphone. And if you consider this indicator among the business travelers, then it increases up to 53%!

After the adapted mobile version of the site, it is worth thinking about the business travelers

Not all travelers manage to do everything via the mobile devices. 54% of them and 69% of business travelers admit, that the limitations or convenience of using the smartphones force them to make reservations on other devices. And if your site does not meet the needs of visitors, then 88% of tourists will take advantage of the other.

By taking care of your site convenience, and for the mobile devices as well, you will stop "presenting" your clients to your competitors.

Finally, when all the troubles are ahead, the tourists move on to the long-awaited and the most pleasant moment. The suitcases are packed, the tickets are purchased. So the trip begins!

Only 15% order the entertainment before the beginning of the trip

But not everyone cares about the entertainments in advance. 85% of tourists choose them only after their arrival at the destination.

Google does not give the bad advices :)

Nowadays, the travelers more often turn to the mobile devices in a real time on their way, making the informed decisions faster than ever before. It is worth considering.


The time flows and services are developed to simplify our travelling to the maximum. Therefore, let's appreciate the time and spend it usefully! Our uMobilizer team wishes you bright emotions and memorable events, filled with the micro-moments!

The material is based on data from Google Partners.