Creating a website preview



Create a preview of the mobile website version. All requests for previews are queued and they are usually not ready at the time of receiving a response through the current method. You can check on the availiabilty status by calling the method GET /site/get-preview-status/

Input parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
siteUrl string yes
Abosolute link on the main page of the website
Addition of websites through IP not permitted.
You can add IDN domain names.

Output parameter

    "site": {
        "siteId": 1000,
        "siteUrl": "http:\/\/\/",
        "recognitionPreview": "//",
        "complete": false

Site structure

Parameter Type Description
siteId integer
Site ID
siteUrl string
URL of site
recognitionPreview string
Link to site preview, also includes a comparision with original version of the website.
complete boolean
A preview of the mobile version is ready