Get the list of websites



Getting information on all users on the website

Input parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
userId integer yes
User ID

Output parameter

    "sites": [
            "siteId": 1000,
            "siteName": "",
            "siteUrl": "",
            "published": false,
            "paidDate": null
            "siteId": 1001,
            "siteName": "",
            "siteUrl": "",
            "published": true,
            "paidDate": "2017-05-30"

Site structure

Parameter Type Description
siteId integer
Site ID
siteName string
Site name
siteUrl string
URL of site
published boolean
Is the website publish:
  • true - published
  • false - not published
paidDate string
Data in format Y-m-dUnsuccessful payment will result in the mobilized websites suspension. null.