Get user by e-mail



Getting information about the user

Input parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
userEmail string yes
User e-mail

Output parameter

    "user": {
        "userId": 100,
        "userName": "user100",
        "userEmail": "",
        "sites": [
                "siteId": 1000,
                "siteName": "",
                "siteUrl": "",
                "published": false,
                "paidDate": null
                "siteId": 1001,
                "siteName": "",
                "siteUrl": "",
                "published": true,
                "paidDate": "2017-05-30"

User structure

Parameter Type Description
userId integer
User ID
userName string
userEmail string
User e-mail
sites array
List of users on the website

Site structure

Parameter Type Description
siteId integer
Site ID
siteName string
Site name
siteUrl string
URL of site
published boolean
Is the website publish:
  • true - published
  • false - not published
paidDate string
Data in format Y-m-dUnsuccessful payment will result in the mobilized websites suspension. null.