General provisions

Access tokens are required and issued for authorization when the method is requested POST /token/get/. The received toke must be supplied at every request to the API
By default, the token is valid for 7 days. If API is accessed with invalid tokens, the service will return an HTTP status code

*Important!* Authorization parameter are added to all queries when describing method are omitted.

Sending the token

You can transfer tokens in 2 ways:
  • In the header Authorization

    Authorization: bearer token="Token", applicationId="Application ID"

  • GET-Parameters

    URL_method?token=Token&applicationId=Application ID

If in the settings there is a checkbox "auto-renewal of token", each time the authorization passes successfully, the token lifetime will be 7 days. The confirmation of a new term of the token will come in reply.

IMPORTANT! The data transmitted in the Authorization header has a higher priority than the GET parameters.