Response format

Data format

Data is returned in the format json.
Once the request is successfully completed, a response will be sent HTTP code 200.


    "token": {
        "value": "8ae496775c4f...",
        "type": "bearer",
        "expires": 604800
If an error occurs, a response from 200 will be received. Further details about the error will be provided in the response Key error.
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Content-Type: application/json

"error":"API method not found"

Description of error codes

Code Name Description
200 OK Successful execution of query
206 Partial Content Partial query execution
400 Bad Request Invalid request
401 Unauthorized Authorization data is not indicated, is not true or is outdated
403 Forbidden Access denied
404 Not Found The requested API method was not found
500 Internal Server Error Service error. Please try again later or contact technical support