We’ve created an absolutely secure service

uMobilizer has assembled and internalized all the best practices in the field of security and is constantly updating its features to ensure that customer data is safe. In addition, we are always available and will be happy to hear your comments, suggestions, and address your concerns.
Your website data
Our service analyzes information that is available in the public domain (the HTML code of your website). We do not require passwords, access rights, etc.
User information
We do not store passwords in the form that our customers enter them in. Instead, the service uses data encryption and provides for a high level of security.
Social networking data
To operate our service via social networks we use API. All of your social profile data is protected via a third-party service.
Payment service data
Popular payment systems, such as Paypal and Yandex.Kassa are used to pay for our services. All payment information is processed and stored on their end.

Do you still have concerns about security?

Please contact our support team to solve your issues
If you discover a bug, please, contact us do not share this information with the public.

We highly appreciate your trust!